To Our Stakeholders

In February 2018, we announced "Vision2020" medium-to long-term management vision (indicated below). We worked to formulate a new medium-to long-term management vision by incorporating changes in the operating environment surrounding Our Company and the synergies created by the consolidation of Sumitomo Electric.

Originally, it was planned to be announced in May 2020. However, due to the effects of the expansion of new coronaviruses infectious diseases, the market outlook is unclear, making it difficult to formulate these documents at this point. We will continue our efforts to disclose this new Mid-Long Term Management Vision at the earliest possible time. We appreciate the understanding of our stakeholders in this regard.

Vision2020 Basic growth strategy up to 2020

Performance Targets

Fiscal 2020

Consolidated net sales
billion yen
Operating income
billion yen
We are working to expand existing business areas and create new ones, and come out with higher-added-value products, with the fiscal 2020 target of 110 billion yen in consolidated net sales and 7 billion yen in operating income. In addition we will strive to achieve an ROE of 9% and to increase shareholder returns.

Consolidated net sales Balanced growth in major market areas We aim to raise the overseas sales ratio to 50%


Connect, Communicate and Create Excellent Engineering Company

Basic Growth Strategy

In the major market areas of automotive, electronics, housing, industrial infrastructure, and energy, we make the most of our knowledge accumulated over years of business, and our knowledge as an engineering company, to carry out business in a 'glocal' ('global' and 'local') way. We provide in-house developed, high-value-added products and services that solve customers' problems in terms of quality, cost, and delivery time for the core products of fasteners, metal products, chemical products, glass, LCDs, and devices. We strive to expand our business by being customers' first choice. With a keen watch on demand trends around the world, we are stepping up the pace of our global growth and earnestly studying possible alliances, tie-ups, and joint ventures that will provide business opportunities and expand our market areas.

Foundation for Doing Business

Management foundation

Close to Customers and Working to Fill Their Needs
The Techno Associe Group has always striven to be sensitive to customers' desires ('needs') and to develop and provide solutions that create new value for them. We do this by utilizing our knowledge of the technologies and products ('seeds') possessed by our wide range of suppliers around the world.
We will continue to use our wide field of vision and our extensive expertise and capabilities to be a reliable partner that provides customers with valuable, satisfying solutions.

Connect, Communicate and Create TECHNO ASSOCIE CO., LTD.

Human resources foundation

A Company That is a Source of Pride and Rewarding Work for Employees
Amidst the lightning-fast changes of business today, we strive to stay ahead of our competitors by hiring outstanding human resources and by nurturing these employees through hands-on training, on-the-job training, and classroom sessions. This allows Techno Associe's know-how to be passed seamlessly from generation to generation and fosters employees who are capable of conducting business anywhere in the world. We hire a diverse range of employees, regardless of their gender, race, and age, and we emphasize flexible thinking and creativity. Our goal is to create a workplace where employees aggressively seek out new business and pursue their duties with positivity. By providing thorough occupational safety and health, employee benefits, and flexible working options that allow employees to achieve their ideal work-life balance, we continue to build a workplace atmosphere where employees can perform worthwhile, rewarding work with vigor and enthusiasm.

Financial foundation

Maintaining a Solid and Healthy Financial Base
With a focus on establishing a financial foundation that guarantees flexible business operation well into our future, we strive to maintain healthy finances and to increase shareholder returns.


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