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Working behind the scenes in your daily life

Our very first product was the screw, an essential item for any industry. What makes Techno Associe special is its contribution through products that-as components of various machines and systems-support people’s lives in ways they never notice. Let’s take a look at some of these products at work.

  • Smartphone reinforced glass
  • Metal processed products
  • Interior and exterior parts of automobiles, mechanical parts
  • Refrigerator filters
  • Various LEDs
  • Metal processed products of flush toilets
  • Large refrigerator glass
  • Kitchen metal processed parts
  • Car navigation system touchscreens

Solutions for high added value Combining advanced technologies through proprietary know-how

With solutions that meet customers’ precise needs,
we provide products and parts to a wide range of markets.

TECHNO ASSOCIE CO., LTD., has three sales units in Japan and overseas bases that conduct sales proposals for customers, the Global Planning Division that support them and the Product Technology & Innovation Unit that conducts in-depth proposal activities based on products. We actively share skills and know-how and make a wide range of proposals that suit a particular segment of the market and meet the needs of each customer.

Providing high-value-added parts and products

Combining the Technological Strength of
Subsidiaries and Affiliates to
Provide Customers with High Quality at a Reasonable Cost.

Techno Associe is a trading company with manufucturing capability. Besides our existing lineups of products and parts, we can provide custom-made items to meet customers' exact needs. Even when making just one new part, we have one of our affiliates proven in the particular area make it according to the necessary technical factors. We thus have the ability to constantly develop new parts and products. And we can do it all in house, thanks to our development and design function; our procurement, processing, and manufacturing function that we implement in collaboration with our affiliates; and our quality assurance function with which we confirm the quality of all parts and products made.

Manufacture of compound parts by utilizing the strengths of affiliates and subsidiaries Company

Worldwide Customers Techno Associe Group Network Supports Global Business

Global Network Ensures the
Highest Quality for Customers Anywhere in the World

We're ready to support the global business expansion of our customers, no matter where in the world they are. With our worldwide network of production technology and supply functions, we can give our customers made-in-Japan quality anywhere around the globe. And of course we can match customers' required product specifications and restrictions depending on their region. At Techno Associe, we help our customers so they can help people everywhere achieve a better lifestyle.


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