Corporate Principles / Business Policy

The TECHNO ASSOCIE Group has established a set of "Corporate Principles" and a "Business Policy," which we shall employ as our management guidelines.
These guidelines express the importance of compliance and the significance of trust and they represent our fundamental attitudes toward our stakeholders.

Corporate Principles

As an engineering company, we at the TECHNO ASSOCIE Group commit to.

  1. Providing services which cater to the needs of customers within the basic concept of "the customer is first."
    We always stay in close touch with communities and production sites to deliver high-quality products while respecting environmental preservation and safety.
  2. Improving the level of satisfaction of customers, suppliers and employees, and enhancing our shareholder value.
  3. Achieving sustainable growth by maintaining social responsibility and high corporate ethics and promoting globalization.
  4. Fostering a lively corporate culture and contributing to the creation of a better society and environment.
    We provide opportunities for self-realization and endeavour with the aim of becoming a reliable company.
Engineering Company

We strive to be an engineering company. What this means is that we combine technologies and processing methods to create new products and components using existing materials. And these products and components provide totally new value to customers thanks to our use of modularization and systematization. We aim to be a company that creates, or "engineers," value-value born of economical and environmentally friendly design and manufacturing technologies, and of course quality assurance technologies.

Business Policy

"Heart-to-Heart Bonds"

  • Be Creative so that we keep offering original proposals to customers
  • Be Service-minded and willing to help customers
  • Be Grateful to people supporting us

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