Fastener Products Business Department Leading market share among screw distributors

Sales of screws, rivets, and other products matched to customer needs in terms of factors such as size, shape, function, and environmental performance.We have the leading market share among screw distributors.

Feature 01We are the leaders in fasteners, meeting changing industry needs through the provision of high-quality screws that incorporate our range of technologies.

Techno Associe works closely with fastener- product-related manufacturers and group companies in order to respond to a wide range of customer needs.

Techno Associe Fastener Products Business Department Business Units Materiasls manufacturer Materials development Processor Surface processing development Processor Cutting technology Processor Rolling technology Affiliates and subsidiaries Processing technology Solutions, tapping new markets Customers Needs, specifications
  • Marketing strength
  • Coordinating strength
  • Solutions strength
  • Manufacturing technology strength
  • Global provision

Feature 02A wealth of in-house testing and analysis functions allows us to solve problems and provide solutions for our customers.

Besides simply confirming the specifications required for screws, we take the initiative to assess and verify ways to solve customer problems so that we can offer them the optimal solutions for their needs.

Selecting the optimal screws for the job PC torque analyzer Screw tightness tester Environmental substance analyzer UV-visible spectrophotometers X-ray fluorescent analysis thickness meter Various performance assessment Tensile tester Contour measuring instrument Salt spray testing instrument

Feature 03Original Products

All new products are created based on our keen sensitivity to market needs.

TAFF® (screws made using special material for high strength)

TAFF® (screws made using special material for high strength)

Developed by Techno Associe, TAFF® brand screws achieve the highest strength of any screw ever. Today, ever-widening sales channels for TAFF® products include digital cameras and machine tools.

Digital Camera

SUSFaith® (highly corrosion-resistant surface treatment)

SUSFaith® brand products have corrosion resistance (SST200h or greater) on a par with stainless steel, and exterior color approaching that of stainless steel.

SUSFaith® (highly corrosion-resistant surface treatment)


  • Screws (JIS standard)
  • Anti-loosening screws and nuts
  • Tapping screws for resin
  • Tapping screws for thin gage metal
  • Tapping screws for light alloys
  • Anti-cam out screws
  • Micro screws
  • High-strength screws
  • Anti-corrosion screws
  • Highly functional rivets
  • Lightweight screws
  • Environmentally friendly screws
  • Special surface treatment
  • Imported products

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