Chemical Products Business Department Solutions through latest materials and processing methods.
Chemical Products

We respond to customer demands by utilizing our wide range of materials and experience in processing methods. And when individual materials do not have the characteristics needed to meet customer demands, we develop proprietary solutions by creating compound materials that maximize the functions of each of the separate materials.

Feature 01Combining Our Strengths in Marketing and Solutions with Optimal Materials and Processing Methods

Besides being a materials manufacturer and processor, Techno Associe helps customers develop new value.

Materials manufacturer New product technology information Processor Processing technology Affiliates and subsidiaries Processing technology Techno Associe Chemical Products Business Department Divisions Needs, Specifications Solutions, Tapping new markets Customers
  • Marketing strength
  • Coordinating strength
  • Solutions strength
  • Processing technologies strength
  • Global provision

Feature 02Working with In-House Divisions to Create Product Solutions

Techno Associe offers new functional solutions. By combining new materials and processing technologies with know-how garnered by providing solutions to a range of industries, we offer customers products with totally new functions.

Product Deployment of Chemical Products Business Department


  • Industrial tape
  • Industrial adhesives
  • Rubber parts
  • Styrofoam
  • Non-woven fabric
  • Highly functional film
  • PTFE porous film
  • Filters
  • Heat-damage-prevention products
  • Noise-damage-prevention products
  • Electromagnetic-prevention products
  • Water-proof/water-stop products
  • Flame-resistant and non-combustible materials

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