Electronics & Appliance Sales Unit Supporting the supply of electrical and electronics equipment
Electronics & Appliance Sales Unit

We're providing solutions on a global scale for the entire spectrum of products; for example, familiar ones like household air conditioners, freezers and refrigerators, as well as business products like office copiers, for the growing field of smart meters, the robotics field, and storage batteries, to name just a few.

Feature 01Solutions for BtoC and BtoB

  • For air conditionersFor air conditioners
    • Fastener materials
    • Press products
    • Sub assembly units
  • For refrigeratorsFor refrigerators
    • Double-sided tape
    • Glass processed products
    • Dryers
    • LED
  • For copiersFor copiers
    • Filters
    • Springs
    • Heat sinks
  • For roboticsFor robotics
    • Fastener bolts
    • Aluminum die-casting parts
    • Resin housing for controllers
    • Motor parts
  • For smart metersFor smart meters
    • Terminals (forged parts, machined parts)
    • Screws

Feature 02Aiming the Top Share in Filter Products Market

office equipment

We meet the needs of customers in fields such as office equipment and medical equipment with solutions for every step from materials procurement and performance modification to product processing.

  • Filter01
  • Filter02


  • Aluminum heat sinks
  • Aluminum die-casting parts
  • Aluminum extrusion products
  • Vacuum insulation material
  • Cooler unit parts
  • Precision shafts
  • Cold-forged metal parts
  • Press products
  • Cold-forged products
  • Die cut products
  • Filters
  • Molded resin parts
  • Processed tape products
  • Fastener screws (anti-corrosion)
  • Terminal block
  • Aluminum machined parts
  • Springs
  • Glass filters
  • Copper processed products
  • Sub assembly units

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