Industrial Machinery & Solution Sales Unit Responding to all manufacturing-related needs
  • Machine tools Factory automation Medical Health care Infrastructure
  • Industrial Machinery & Solution Sales Unit

Industries like machine tools, factory automation, medical and health care, and infrastructure and machinery require the highest levels of precision, functionality, and quality. Techno Associe provides functional materials and parts, and product processes that boost productivity and quality.

Feature 01Machine Tools, Factory Automation Techno Associe's strength in advanced processing technologies helps create products that can withstand severe environments

We're experts in high-technology processing. Techno Associe parts are at work in products requiring the highest level of precision and durability.

Machine tools Bearing parts Guide parts Sealing parts

Feature 02Medical, Health Care Optimal solutions for functional materials and parts, and product processes

Techno Associe provides a range of parts for medical equipment, where the highest levels of reliability are a must.

Dialysis machines Driving parts Monitoring devices Tube products Analysis equipment Equipment covers Metal and resin structural parts

Feature 03Infrastructure Working hand-in-hand with customers to boost productivity and quality

Techno Associe supplies customers with parts they need to create new products, right from the development stage. We also ensure a long-term, consistent supply of parts for products that go for extended periods with no model changes.

Trains Fastener parts Decorative material Construction machinery Caterpillar forgings


  • Cutting work products
  • Die-casting products
  • Heading products
  • Forgings products
  • Lost-wax
  • (MIM) Metal powder Injection Molding
  • Sintered Metal
  • Press, Sheet Metal Working products
  • Spring parts
  • Pipe processed products
  • Resin molding products
  • Rubber formed products
  • Acoustic, Vibration, Water-proof Chemical products
  • Design, Development
  • Commissioned manufacturing

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