Based on our business policy of “Heart-to-Heart Bonds,” we strive to contribute to the advancement of industry. We do this by creating new value as an integrator between the needs of customers and the products of suppliers, and by being a solutions developer that uses its wealth of expertise and capabilities to engineer products that bring customers satisfaction and peace of mind.

1804 Founder Yorozuya Buhei founded a company for brass metalworking (brass and copper smelting) in the Nagahoribashi area of Osaka.
1937 Reorganized company as Sakane Metals Inc. with capital from Sumitomo Electric Wire & Cable Works (now called Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.) and Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd.(now called NIPPON STEEL CORPORATION).
1946 August On August 1 the company was established as Sakane Metals in the Minami-ku (now called the Chuo-ku) of Osaka, as a wholesaler of electric wire and cable, super-hard alloy products, copper and brass products, nonferrous metals, and raw metals.
1947 June Added screws to the company’s product lineups. Later on added aluminum products, stainless steel products, industrial diamond products, chemical products, and others.
1948 March Opened branch office in Tokyo (now called Tokyo Office) to handle business in Kanto region. This was followed by the establishment of sales offices all over Japan.
1954 April Received funding from Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd. and Sumitomo Metal Industries, Ltd. (in 1959, the company’s copper division split off and became Sumitomo Light Metal Industries, Ltd. (now called UACJ Corporation)).
1967 December Moved Head Office to Naniwa-ku, Osaka.
1977 November Established Singapore Screw Private Ltd. (now called TECHNO ASSOCIE SINGAPORE PTE.LTD.).
1979 April Established Sakane and Company Ltd. (U.S.A) (now called T.A. AMERlCA CORPORATION).
June Established Naniwa Logistics Service Co., Ltd. (now called TOBUTSU TECHNO Corporation).
1980 August Changed company name to TOYO BUSSAN CO., LTD.
1988 November Listed on the Second Section of the Osaka Securities Exchange.
1993 October Opened Taipei branch (now called TECHNO ASSOCIE TAIWAN CO., LTD.).
1994 July Established Hong Kong branch (now called TECHNO ASSOCIE HONG KONG CO., LTD.).
1996 August The 50th anniversary of the company's founding.
1999 May Established TOBUTSU DE MEXICO S.A. DE C.V. (now called TECHNO ASSOCIE DE MEXICO, S.A. DE C.V.).
July Listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
September Opened Shanghai Office (now called TECHNO ASSOCIE SHANGHAI CO., LTD.).
November Invested in TAIYO SANGYO CO., LTD.
2000 December Established TOBUTSU THAILAND CO., LTD. (now called TECHNO ASSOCIE (THAILAND) CO., LTD.).
2001 February Obtained ISO 9002, ISO 14001 certification.
2002 December Established F&T KUNSHAN TECHNO CO., LTD.
2003 March Obtained ISO 9001 certification.
August Established TOBUTSU TRADING (DALIAN F.T.Z) CO., LTD. (now called TECHNO ASSOCIE (DALIAN F.T.Z.) CO., LTD.).
2004 November Established TOBUTSU TRADING (GUANGZHOU) CO., LTD. (now called TECHNO ASSOCIE (GUANGZHOU) CO., LTD.).
2005 March Established TOBUTSU CZECH s.r.o. (now called TECHNO ASSOCIE CZECH s.r.o.).
2006 February Techno Associe Singapore Pte. Ltd. opened a branch in HO CHI MINH (now called TECHNO ASSOCIE VIETNAM CO., LTD.).
August Changed company name to TECHNO ASSOCIE CO., LTD.
2008 August Established ACCURATE METAL MACHINING CO., LTD. in Zhejiang, China.
2009 January Invested in FUNAKOSHI Rubber Manufacturing Co., Ltd.(now called SILICONE TECHNO CO., LTD.) (company became wholly-owned subsidiary in March 2010).
February Moved Head Office to current location: 3-3-17 Tosabori Nishi-ku, Osaka.
2010 October Newly set up Chemical Products Business Department.
2011 January Newly set up Fastener Products Business Department.
July Reorganized the regionally divided sales organization and the Sales Business Department into five business units: Telecommunication, Automotive Products, Electronics & Appliance, Housing & Construction Products, and Industrial Machinery & Solution.
2012 December Techno Associe Singapore Pte. Ltd. opened a branch in Indonesia (now called PT. TECHNO ASSOCIE INDONESIA).
2013 August Established TA AUTOMOTIVE PARTS (THAILAND) CO., LTD.
2014 April Established PT. TECHNO ASSOCIE INDONESIA.
2015 October Newly set up Broad-Area Sales.
2016 April Reorganized the five business units: Telecommunication, Automotive Products, Electronics & Appliance, Housing & Construction Products, and Industrial Machinery & Solution into sales units. Newly set up Marketing & Sales Promotion Division and Development and Promotion Division.
2017 April Integrated Industrial Machinery & Solution Sales Unit and Broad-Area Sales Division, and made it Broad-Area Sales Division.
2018 April Integrated our sales functions into three units: Electronics Products Sales Unit, Automotive Products Sales Unit and Area Sales Unit. Newly set up Sales Promoting Department that conducts activities by product. Combined Chemical Products Business Department and Fastener Products Business Department as a promotion division under the Sales Promoting Department.
2019 January TSUKASA INDUSTRY Co., Ltd. was made a wholly-owned subsidiary.
September Became a consolidated subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.
2020 April The Development and Promotion Division was incorporated into the Product Technology & Innovation Unit, and place three sections under the Product Technology & Innovation Unit : Fastener Products Department, Processed Products Department, Development and Promotion Department.
May Established TECHNO ASSOCIE EUROPE GmbH. (Germany)
September Reorganized the Corporate Planning Department and the Marketing & Sales Promotion Division into the Global Planning Division.
2022 April Transferred from the "Second Section" to the "Standard Market" in accordance with the Market Restructuring of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
2023 April Delisted from the Tokyo Stock Exchange Standard Market.
May Became a consolidated subsidiary of Sumitomo Electric Industries, Ltd.

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