Telecommunication Sales Unit Raising the performance of telecommunications equipment

As the world of IT becomes increasingly advanced, functional, and high-performance, Techno Associe is striving to constantly improve customer satisfaction by using its expertise and technologies to offer materials, designs, and functional products flexibly through a global network.
We use our global network (supply chain management) to ensure that our quality personnel are on-site right from the start of the customer's product commercialization. In mass production, our production control personnel works side-by side with customers to ensure their products get to end users. It's a support system that provides customers with peace of mind.

Feature 01Providing Reliable Structural Parts

  • Smartphones, tabletsSmartphones, Tablets
    • Cover glass
    • Films
    • Resin molding products
    • Watertight products
    • Decorative metal products
    • Decorative products
    • Touch Panels
    • Mechanism components
  • Digital camerasDigital cameras
    • Magnesium die-casting parts
    • Decorative metal products
    • Resin molding products
    • Watertight products
    • Decorative parts
    • Mechanism components
  • Car navigation systemsCar navigation systems
    • Cover glass
    • Machined resin
    • Processed tape products
    • Metal products
    • Watertight products
    • Precision screws
  • WearablesWearables
    • Wrist band
    • Cover glass
    • Assembly products
    • Decorative metal products
    • Watertight products
    • Resin molding products

Feature 02Worldwide Bases Coordinate to Meet Customer Needs

Worldwide bases coordinate to meet customer needs
Head Office (Osaka), Tokyo, Hiroshima
Hong Kong, Kunshan
Seoul (alliance partner)


  • Watertight parts (RIM: Reaction Injection Molding)
  • Tempered glasses
  • Hinge
  • Magnesium products
  • Decorative films
  • Acrylic products
  • Resin housing
  • Metal housing
  • Aluminum die-casting parts
  • Two-color molding
  • Precision screws
  • Semiconductor materials
  • NMT (nano-molding technology) products
  • Chemical products (Poreflon, tape)

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